Innovating alongside automotive leaders

We produce parts for automotive giants. From large to small parts, we put the same experience and attention to detail in all stamped and welded automotive parts processes. As the auto industry innovates and new technology makes cars more efficient, we’re here to help automakers produce parts faster, better, and cost-efficient.

Common parts or the newest idea, we can build it together

Tailor-Made For You

We have a big library of automotive parts, but we also have the engineers and capability to help build the exact part you need. Innovation never stops, and sometimes you need a custom part for new ideas and better products. We’re here to help you get the exact part you’re looking for.

Red Arrow Contact Precision Metal Stamping Company in Illinois


Ready to design your custom part process?

Send an RFQ, send an email or give us a call and we’ll help you through your stamped and welded automotive parts process to make sure you get everything you need. We have a team of engineers and engineering resources to make sure your process is as efficient and precise as possible.