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Support, resources and more. You’re not alone in your parts production. We’re here to help you make the best choices for your process to cut down on time and resources with precision engineering. Our engineers are standing by to assess your needs and help you develop the best process for meeting deadlines and your budget. Additionally, we have all of the tools you need to track progress, verify quality, and get information exactly when you need it.

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When You Need Expert Advice

The ODM Team Is On Call To Help

Expert advice should be available when you need it. Our experts are standing by to answer questions, offer support, and help you create your custom parts process.


Your needs are unique and a one-size fits all solution just isn’t going to work. You need answers, advice and solutions quickly. But slow requests for quotes and inefficient communication channels with vendors keeps you from getting the information when you need it.


Poor communication creates big problems for the entire process. If you can’t rely on the quality of your parts, you can’t stand behind your final product. You shouldn’t have to wait on quotes or tracking information. This back and forth is a strain on resources, your time, and the efficiency of the project.


When you miss one deadline, you miss every deadline. When projects keep getting pushed back, no one wins. When one part is faulty, the entire shipment is at risk of being imperfect. All of this time, work, and money and you’re still without the parts you need.


You can trust your parts will be done on time, and the right way. With the right supplier with a focus on perfection, you can rest assured you will get your part on time and it’ll be done right from a team with years of experience, industry-leading knowledge and modern technology.

The ODM Team Can Get You The Answers And Advice You Need.

We use the latest software and systems to ensure the highest quality parts.

Systems You Can Trust

To stay on the forefront of innovation, our software and systems have to keep up. We put software and systems in place to guarantee your parts are the highest quality and on time. Every time.

The ODM Team Uses:

CAD/CAM Technology

3D Modeling

Electronic Transfer Software

JIT Scheduling and Bar Coding

…and so much more

Your needs are unique and your solution should be too.

Custom Solutions Created For You

From start to finish, our engineers help you create the process that makes the best use of your time and resources. Whatever you need, from stamping all the way to cleaning, our experts help create the precision engineering process perfect for you.

Our Custom Solutions Include:

350+ Dies in Peak Operating Condition

In-house Value Added Services

JIT Shipping

Tracking and Processing

ODM Experts Are There When You Need Them.

Your Questions, Answered

Your project is our project and we’re here to make sure you’re getting the most out of working with us. Our engineers are standing by to help solve complex problems, create new solutions, and offer insight into new ways to get the job done.

With ODM You’ll Get:

Easy Access to Engineers

Unparalleled Customer Service

700+ Years of Combined Experience

Fast Communication

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We Invest In The Best Equipment For Your Parts

We have the equipment you need to get your parts delivered on time. Our equipment can handle everything from large to small parts and our value-added services cut down on time and expense.

Red Arrow Contact Precision Metal Stamping Company in Illinois


Ready to Get Started?

Our customer service team is standing by when you’re ready to get started. Submit your RFQ and our team will help you create the custom precision engineering solution for all of your parts and added services.