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Boldly Innovating Since 1946

Otto D. Michaelsen started a small tool and die shop in a Chicago suburb more than 70 years ago. Throughout time, ODM continued to innovate, try new technologies and develop processes that catapulted ODM to become a leader in precision metal stamping. As the company, and technology evolved, Michaelsen and his team led the way in stamping parts for some of the newest and advanced products of their time. From parts for one of the first color TV models to the Tesla today, ODM always looks to the future.


Square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing plant


Years of combined experience


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The ODM Team

Practiced professionals in all things metal stamping

Our team is what makes ODM what it is today. With more than 700 years of combined experience, the team never stops learning, training, and improving. There is always someone to answer your questions, and our experts help solve some of the most complex stamping and welding challenges. As a family owned and operated business, we continue to build on the success of those who came before us. Our team is our family, and our clients mean everything.

Management Staff

Carl (Chip) Michaelsen, III


 708.485.6130 x106

Jay Michaelsen

Vice President of Sales

 708.485.6130 x124

Luigi Buffone

Chief Financial Officer

 708.485.6130 x107

Edward Eckart

Quality Manager

 708.485.6130 x119

Ed Hurtig

Purchasing Manager

 708.485.6130 x156

Brandon Enright

Plant Manager

 708.485.6130 x144

Purchasing & Accounting

Ed Hurtig

Purchasing Manager

 708.485.6130 x156

Luigi Buffone

Chief Financial Officer

 708.485.6130 x107

Tina Willette

Accounting Clerk

 708.485.6130 x115

The best equipment, tooling, and professionals all under one roof.
ODM manufacturing space

Features of our facilities:

1,500 Ton Press

Poka-Yoke Technology

Large Bed Presses

Gudel Rapindex Transfer System

Double Torch Welding System

…and so much more

ODM employees cleaning and stamping parts

Features of our facility:

Barcoded Coordination

Error-proof Part Identification

Latest Software and Systems

Ongoing Quality Monitoring

Just In Time Shipping Capabilities

…and a lot more

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We’re meticulous when it comes to quality

Our processes, training, and equipment give us the tools to deliver top quality to our clients. But our drive for helping customers is what keeps quality at the forefront of everything we do day to day.

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We invest in the best

We invest in the best equipment to serve our clients. The most up to date technology gives us higher returns for our customers with less waste, and less turnaround production time.