Metal Stamping

For Precise and Close Tolerances

Our state-of-the-art presses have the capacity required for quality, speed, and repeatability. We offer a wide range of services, and our equipment offers advantages for optimum, cost-efficient metal stamping. Our processes and systems ensure we’re producing quality parts each and every time. With progressive and transfer stamping solutions, we offer stamping solutions for a wide variety of parts, sizes, materials, and gauges.

For Quality Parts Produced Quickly

With quality, speed, and repeatability you save time and money.

High Volume, Precise Parts

Progressive metal stamping quickly produces perfect parts on a large scale. Our cost-effective stamping process is perfectly repeatable for small and large scale needs, handling material from light to heavy gauge.

Progressive Stamping Offers:

Precision and Close Tolerance

Quality, Speed, Repeatability

Light to Heavy Gauge Material

Large bed presses

…and much more.

Combining innovative mechanical elements with advanced control.

maximized flexibility

We offer transfer metal stamping to give our clients the flexibility to order bent, cut, or pierced parts on a large scale. Our transfer stamping handles almost any metal stamping process using blanks or coil with minimal setup time and greatly reduced potential for error.

the ODM team can offer:

Handling for almost any metal stamping process

Maximum Flexibility

Lean Manufacturing Process

Unparalleled Quality Control

Fulfillment Guarantee

…and so much more

For producing parts you need a thorough process you can trust.

Build your better process

We don’t make you fit our process. We fit our process to you. ODM’s expert engineers are here to help identify the best solution for your parts and process. We work with a variety of materials and part sizes with the capacity to fulfill your parts order, fast.

What the ODM Team Offers:

Fast Communication

Highly-trained engineers

Process Customization

Decades of Experience

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

…and so much more

Durable Materials, Stamped Precisely

We start with the best materials

Monitoring starts with the raw material we use to make your parts. Materials we stamp include hot and cold-rolled steel, high strength low alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, dual phase, pre-painted steel and more. See everything we do on our capabilities table.

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Don’t wait for something to go wrong.

Have parts you’re ready to produce? Don’t risk losing time, money and your reputation. You shouldn’t wait for something going wrong in your parts production to consider a better way. Use a team of professionals you know you can rely on for perfection, every time.