Superior Machinery Produces Superior Parts

Our investment is in our equipment. Our spot welding and robotic welding machinery and processes are cutting-edge and carefully monitored to bring you the best possible welded parts. Technology is ever-evolving, and we make it our mission to keep up. Every investment we make is with you in mind. The better we can be, and the more efficient our process is, the more you save. Carefully monitored for precision, we get it right the first time and get the parts to you quickly.

For durable parts done right

The best equipment with you in mind.

Production delays, eliminated

Robotic welding is our answer for your most complex assemblies. Our machinery handles multi-piece assemblies, and the Genesis Welding System gives us the flexibility to weld two parts simultaneously with multiple part setups. The right equipment gives us flexibility in our process while delivering top-quality parts in less time.

Robotic Welding offers:

Increased Productivity

Consistent and Repeatable Processes

Ability to Produce Complex and Multi-Piece Assemblies

Simultaneous Welding

Fulfillment Guarantee

…and so much more

with ODM Spot Welding, you get results fast.

Productivity simplified

Our spot welding is built for speed. With monitoring and training initiatives in place, our spot welding is consistent and repeatable. You need your parts processed quickly, that’s what we’re here to do. Capable of handling many materials and sizes, your spot welding process cuts out wasted time and inefficient productions all while saving you money in parts and production.

Spot Welding Offers:

Increased Productivity

Lower Cost

Highly Uniform Production

Faster Turnaround

Fulfillment Guarantee

…and so much more

With Poka-Yoke in our process, you know each part is perfect

Errorless Production

So what is Poka-Yoke? It is an unparalleled system for managing operations and guaranteeing perfection. We belong to a small group of organizations operating with poka-yoke technology. This fail-safe technology produces zero-defect assemblies through 100% detection of component presence and placement on assemblies, so you know without a doubt your parts are exact.

Poka-Yoke Offers:

100% Detection of Errors

Zero Defects

Increased Quality and Delivery

Reduced Inspection Costs, Passed On To You

Regularly-Improved Processes

…and so much more

Welding For Your Most Complex Needs

Our capabilities were built around your needs

Light and heavy material, multiple welds, our team is experienced in all things spot welding and robotic welding. Want to see our full list of capabilities. Download the table. If you have any questions or need a special solution, our engineer experts are standing by to take your call.

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The care and process we put in to each and every part is what has built our business. We take pride in our relationships with our customers. Have a project you need to start? See the difference of working with a team determined to impress you.