Value-Added Services


Some components require tapped holes for assembly. We offer tapping services that can be added directly to another production tooling to avoid another operation and additional costs.


We offer assembly capabilities to provide a more complete product. Avoid multiple operations and cut down on increased costs with assembly services.


When two or more components need to be secured by rivets, we can add riveting services to avoid an additional lengthy process time.


Our cleaning services clean and degrease after stampings are produced. Our washing machines are more cost-effective than sending parts to outside services.


Whether you are in need of nuts, bolts, studs, bushings or any other hardware, ODM has the equipment necessary for inserting efficiently.

All of the solutions you need under one roof

Let’s Create Your Custom Process

We help create the solution that meets your needs and makes the most sense for your parts process. With all of our services in one central location, we can create the process that cuts down on time, waste, and cost.